Tony Veitch and Andrew Saville to present sports news

TVNZ has announced that Tony Veitch and Andrew Saville will present the sports news for ONE News at 6pm. Jenny-May Coffin will be the back-up presenter.

Tony becomes the major sports anchor for ONE News, replacing Neil Waka, who has moved to anchor ONE News’ successful new 4.30pm bulletin. Tony will present sports news five nights per week, from Sunday to Thursday. ONE News rugby reporter Andrew Saville will present Friday and Saturday night sports news.

ONE News editor Paul Patrick says: “Tony Veitch is one of New Zealand’s outstanding sports journalists. The experience, knowledge and passion he brings to the job make him a must-watch for true sports fans. I’m also delighted that Andrew Saville and Jenny-May Coffin, who bring us top-notch sports stories every night, will be joining the presenting team.”

Tony Veitch is an award-winning journalist who has worked extensively in news, current affairs and sports. Tony has worked for TVNZ since graduating from journalism school in 1995. He has presented sport for ONE News’ high-rating weekend bulletins for the past four years, and has hosted The Tony Veitch Sporting Breakfast on Radio Sport since 2004. Tony’s news background includes reporting for Holmes, and for ONE News in New Zealand and Sydney. He has been involved in coverage of numerous major sporting events, including two Olympic Games and three Rugby World Cup tournaments, and is the host of TV ONE sports quiz show Game Of Two Halves.

Tony Veitch will begin his new ONE News role this Sunday. He will continue to host his breakfast radio programme.

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  • bobscoffee

    will tvnz have any sports reporters left?

  • ray tehana

    Not a wife beater but as close to one as you can get. smells like a doggy doo.

  • Blindside

    A sad but true reflection of how “small town” NZ’s attitude is about some one else’s business. When NZers grow up and get on with their own business NZ will be a better place

  • Rob

    I totally agree with you blindside. I also feel very sorry for the guy, he made a mistake, a big one, but far out get over it, I mean even the prime minister is getting involved, how messed up is that? it actually makes me a bit angry, they should leave him alone.

  • Resident Angel

    IF (not proven yet) this guy left a woman hurt for six hours, alone, then it says a lot for just how much he actually cared for her … if it is true that he kicked her whilst on the ground, then the guy is a total jerk and deserves what is coming .. and I for one WONT be watching any television by any broadcaster that employs him …

  • Cheri

    No-one likes abuse. And yes, it happened to her. She agreed to take the money, why? She said she’d be quiet, why? Nice pay out for a honeymoon get away.
    Guess what folks, it was never about the money, because that was the bonus. It’s about “TAKE IT ALL”.
    Tony Veitch is an excellent sports presenter. I am not sporty, however when he is on tv, he is a fun presenter to watch and really engaging. Come on TVNZ, he is brilliant at his job. He showed to me integrity by fronting up, what more does the ‘X’ want.
    Who is the abuser now. I believe the ‘X’ will not be happy until he is completely destroyed. She probably doesn’t want to see him on tv every night.

  • LisaS

    Blindside, by your rationale, anything which doesn’t persaonlly affect us shouldn’t matter. Nevermind murders, rapes, vicious assaults…so long as it’s only the neighbours doing them, they’re ok.

    Where’s your sense of civic responsibility?

    And there you are scoffing about “small town” attitudes. Oh, the irony.

    I can’t believe how many people are advocating for this incident to be ‘forgiven and forgotten’. Regardless of who he is, he shouldn’t be immune from the justice system. And as for those looking to pour blame and scorn on the victim, shame on you. She probably had it coming, eh?