Tuesday 4 December



English clairvoyant Lisa Williams surprises people with her ability to speak with the dead. In some cases she’ll transform the lives of the people she meets who are seeking to connect with their dearly departed. Throughout the series, Lisa shares stories of people wanting to be reunited with someone from their past, while offering personal observations and insights.

Tonight Lisa reads for two gentlemen, Gil and Egan, on the street in Hollywood. Gil’s cousin died of diabetes and just wants to let him know he’s ok and Egan’s friend wants to get a message to his mom that he’s watching over her. Afterwards, Lisa heads over to a hotel where she gives an emotional reading to Joanna. Lisa connects her with her husband, a Marine who was killed in Iraq, giving her a much needed sense of closure and passes on the message that he loves her and will always be with her. The next day, Lisa heads back to the office where she gives a reading to Eugenia and Alex. Lisa is able to clear up the details about their mother’s suicide, putting to rest the many questions that they had. At the end of the day, Lisa heads over to the Glen Tavern Inn where she meets the inn’s owner, Monica. While there, Lisa is able to uncover the chilling details of two murders that happened on the third floor.

LISA WILLIAMS: LIFE AMONG THE DEAD: Tuesday, 4th December at 8.30pm

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