ANZAC Short Film Competition

Maori Television is launching a short film competition to encourage all New Zealanders to re-tell their own ANZAC stories on film and have them screened as part of the channel’s all-day broadcast on Friday April 25 2008.

For the third year in a row, Maori Television will devote its entire schedule to New Zealand’s national day of commemoration. A TATOU TAONGA: ANZAC DAY 2008 will include coverage of key memorial ceremonies at home and overseas as well as veteran interviews, studio debates and documentaries.

Filmmaker Ainsley Gardiner – host of the short film competition along with Tearepa Kahi – says the first-hand recollections and stories of those who have experienced the events commemorated on ANZAC Day are a taonga that will eventually be lost if they are not recorded in some way. The competition has been established to ensure that the experiences and memories of those veterans and whanau are preserved for future generations and also aims to foster creativity, collaboration and excellence in visual storytelling through short film.

“Kiwis, young and old, are encouraged to find the unique personal war stories of their family members or communities – from the trenches, in the air, at sea, at home, after the war or beyond – and use today’s technology to bring them to light,” explains Tearepa. “The emphasis is on giving it a go, grabbing some mates or whanau, picking up a camera and putting your take on ANZAC Day into a short film of five minutes or less.”

The competition is open to all New Zealanders, at home and abroad, and there are three categories for individuals or teams: tamariki or children (production roles filled by children in Year 8 or below, with adult advisors and/or supervision); rangatahi or youth (key production roles filled by teenagers in Years 9-13); and all ages (targeting tertiary students and all New Zealanders over the age of 18).

Entry forms and full details are available from Maori Television’s website or email for further information. Entries should be no more than five minutes long and must be submitted on DVD, DVCAM or mini DV tape by 5.30 PM on Friday March 28 2008. All entries will be viewed by a panel of experts and the winning films will be broadcast on Maori Television during A TATOU TAONGA: ANZAC DAY 2008 broadcast on Friday April 25 2008.

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