Broken Arrow - Saturday 20 January

Broken Arrow

SKY Movies Greats – Saturday 20 January, 8.30pm

U.S. military parlance for a lost or missing nuclear weapon. More than missing, a renegade USAF pilot, Major Vic Deakins, steals two nuclear warheads during a B3 Stealth Bomber military exercise. Deakins plans to use the deadly weapons to blackmail the U.S. Along for the ride is Deakins’ co-pilot and friend, Captain Riley Hale, an innocent accomplice in his commanding officer’s plot. While executing his intricately devised plan, Deakins leaves Hale for dead after the two struggle for control of their fighter bomber. Unarmed and incommunicado, the dedicated Hale will do whatever is necessary to stop his former commander, and with the aid of national park ranger Terry Carmichael, retrieve the broken arrow. John Travolta stars as Deakins, Christian Slater as Hale, and Samantha Mathis as Carmichael in BROKEN ARROW, directed by acclaimed action director John Woo.

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