Daniel And Our Cats - Sunday 20 January

Animal Planet Showcase: Daniel And Our Cats

Animal Planet – Sunday 20 January, 8.30pm

Catherine, a 30 year old French woman arrived in Namibia in search of the big African cats. In the midst of the desert she married the ‘lion man’ Daniel and lived an unusual and idyllic life in the remote Namibian hills with two leopards and a black-maned lion. One fateful night everything she loved was snatched away from her: Daniel was imprisoned, the cats taken to a secret location. When Daniel was released, they started a new life in South Africa with a baby lion cub, whilst still battling for their other cats. Then tragedy hit them all. In her personal and charming way Catherine tells us her personal true story of love, loss and healing.

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About the author

  • Alan

    I watched this documentary with watery eyes.I have never seen two human beings love animals,or each other as much as Catherine and Daniel.The love they had for their “babies” was immeasurable.Even to see the love Catherine had for her parrot whilst loving her four legged children was amazing.I have never been inspired as much.

    When Daniel passed on I was so distressed.I honestly don’t know how Catherine carried on,but as she said it was the animals who kept her going,and her unconditional love for them.Oh,if only the world had more Daniel’s and Catherine’s,how much a better place it would be.Thank you Catherine and Daniel,thank you so much!

  • manuela

    Ho guardatto questo STRAORDINARIO film,che mi ha lasciatto una grande ferita nel cuore,che tutt’ora m’insegue!Ho pianto guardando questa storia di vita e grande amore e amicizia per i animali!
    Bravissime persone!!!!!!Una lezzione di vita incredibbile!
    Complimenti a Daniel e Catherine !
    Mi piacerebbe aver un contatto della signora Caterina,per farli i miei rispetuosi ed affetuosissimi complimenti!
    Vado spesso in Africa e amo tantissimo tutte le sue creature!
    Sono contro la caccia e alle violenze sui animali!

  • Dianne Gorringe

    I am not to sure if Catherine reads this?

    Hi there,

    Wow, what a touching true life story! I felt as if i was there and felt every emotion that you were feeling, iam 23 years old and have dreamt my whole life to do what you did. Wild animals infact all animals are the worlds most presious gifts. and to have peaple like you and Daniel i want to say thank you! I am married now ans have a little girl so i cant persue my dream, but would love your advice on how i coudl work or visit wild cats or animals.

    Thank you for telling us your story, it was the best EVER.


  • brett lazdins

    I could not believe the sadness that came to me as I watched this tender story. I grew up in the Australian outback and worked on large cattle properties and I grew used to animal loss and death. By halfway thru this story tears were in my eyes, I felt loss and emptyness that I had not known for many years. I can only admire their purpose and love for themselves and their animals. I hope that these comments can be read by Catherine as she is truly remarkable, and pulled my heart from my chest with this inspiring story.

  • Peter Gustav Vinum Lehmann

    What an amazing story. What a fantastic couple you made. You really deserved a happy ending without all the struggle you had to go through. Dear Catherine! If you by any chance read this, I hereby send you my deapest respect. You are absolutely stunning and amazing as a human. You should really consider to write down your memories, telling the world what life and love to nature and respect to mankind etc is really what it is all about. My life as a gamekeeper has also made me think differently about how to cope with various ups and downs in life, but tonight I realized that I still have a lot to learn. What I have seen tonighy is as close to perfect as you can get as a human beeing. If I had the chance I would ask you to marry me right away. You are special. I wish you all the best in the future where ever you are. Take care. Finally I send you a real viking hug from Denmark. xxx Peter.

  • Jonas Ljung


    Ive been fighting my modern surounding and its virtues, trying not become a part of what is grey and soulless in the Industrialised society! And ive feelt my self loosing. I cant say this will make me “win” and keep beeing something more than just a prudukt – but i got my awakening. I havent feelt my heart for a long time. (Ive been to busy producing part of my modern society)

    I cant remember the last time i feelt this strong for something i know realy have meaning! I got al my body tattoed with pictures or signs of big cats but my heart have been put in some sort of coma – this magik story have broken my chains. Ive been crying for you all, but most of all i admire you! I will treasure the memory of your Daniel and what he did and represents – for the rest of my life, i will treasue it.

    I wish the world would realise that people and animals like you are what is to be idolised and “imitated” – not todays rawmodells.

    Forewer in your debt, and yours sincierly Jonas Ljung, Malmö, Sweden.

  • Corinne

    Quelle magnifique histoire d’amour entre humains et animaux, tout est très touchant, mais tellement triste. Les larmes étaient vraiment à portée d’yeux.
    Daniel avait avec ses “chats” un contact tellement extraordinaire, son amour lui était rendu au centuple. Tellement incroyable qu’après tant de mois de séparation, ils aient pu se retrouver.
    Votre histoire prouve qu’humains et animaux sauvages peuvent vivre ensemble, mais tout le monde n’est certainement pas apte à partager comme Danie.

    Je vous espère heureuse avec votre Tara dans une vie totalement différente mais toujours entourée d’animaux.
    Bien à vous

  • Joyce Rozario

    It was truly an amazing and beautiful story. I am so inspired by the way Catherine was able to carry on after Daniel passed on. She is such a strong character, so brave and capable.

    It was great to have them share their life and love for each other and their animals with us !

  • JamesLab

    I just watched it last Sunday and I had never been more inspired by a documentary. It seemed that my childhood dream of living in Africa and fighting for their precious wildlife suddenly revived – and even with more passion. But as it is now, I hope that I can still manage to help in my chosen career path. To Catherine, you are such a wonderful woman. It’s is very comforting to know that there are people like you who despite being born in a world of caprice still care about these things. Daniel could never have been a prouder man on having you as a wife and a partner. anyways, you deserve nothing less a man as Daniel was. no, is. Thank you for the inspiration!


    ive heard of this documentry and have looked everywhere…does anyone have any idea how i could possible get a copy..im in australia
    would be much appreciated


    ive heard of this documentry and have looked everywhere…does anyone have any idea how i could possible get a copy..im in australia
    would be much appreciated

  • Hanni Meier

    ive heard of this documentry and have looked everywhere…does anyone have any idea how i could possible get a copy..in Switzerland we do not have animal planet
    would be much appreciated

  • saskya barek

    Hallo there,

    Is this marvellous documentary to be found on DVD and/or to be viewed via a link on the web???

    Many thanks for any reply!



  • Margit Levay

    I am in the middle of watching the film here in Dubai at Animal Planet channel. Daniel has just been released and they had nothing – no home, no cats – and started the legal battle to have the cats back. I dread seeing what happens to Daniel.

    All I can say is that the ignorance of humans is incomprehensible and many do not deserve the life they have on this planet. They do everything in their power to destroy the planet and all what have in this beautiful environment.

    May God bless beautiful Daniel and his wonderful wife Catherine.

  • cyn

    i keep searching for catherine bollom’s biography or wikipedia page but can’t find it…ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE LINK PLEASE PASS IT TO ME TO THIS EMAIL redfire_hell@hotmail.com…thank you very much..its very important to me

  • Since I saw this documentary I’ve been trying to find it on the web and in online shops to no avail. This is an amazing story and like everyone else who has seen it, I had watery eyes for almost half the documentary.
    I was also touched by the strong personalities of both Daniel and Catherine and I wish that this story will be available in the future to be bought on dvd so I can show to my closest loved ones how beautiful life can be when you love someone and when you love animals.

    I say let’s hope that the story goes into dvd format soon!!! Seeing people like them still exist, returns me the hope in humankind I once lost!

  • Emily

    hey guys i was also trying to find information about them.
    i found a site that tells us their full names and a news article about Daniel’s death.

  • paul paul

    A beautiful story of lost love, struggle and redemption. On my Tv screen I saw something of Africa, a beautiful and loving couple, big cats. But not once did I see a single African.

  • Selvi

    Daniel, Catherine and their cats struck a chord within me. What they stood for and what they felt for each other is really something soulful. My tears are tribute to the way they had lived their lives together with their animal friends.

  • Amanda Kirkpatrick

    Where to start. Daniel and Catherine epitomise the goodness, unconditional love and loyalty that I aspire to reach in my life. Watching this life story, left me sad, empty, and angry, but most importantly with a strong to desire to be like them….. and make a difference in some way to help animals that cant help themselves. I thank Catherine for releasing this documentary and letting us into her life with Daniel and their incredible Big Cats. Its people like this, that give light to our day in making us all realise there are some incredible human beings with souls that are never ending and with a passion for our extraordinary animal kingdom. I hope you find peace in your life. The depths of human depravity on animals in many instances is beyond my comprehension. Thank god for strong and relentless individuals like Daniel and Catherine and people just like them.

  • Marta

    It’s been two days, since I have watched this story, and I can not stop thinking of Catherine and the animals. The story has a broader meaning. It shows us, that you can do anything with love and patience. You can lead any animal, ypu can take the best out of someone, and we should all remember this, when we are reasing our children.

    I would like to have somehow contact with Catherine, bit I do not know, where to find her now.

    THX, for beeing

  • Tang Chenchen

    I am from china, i was so impressed,and i love this couple.i am sad when i saw the tragedies again and again. I want to get more information but i cannot.so who can help me?
    Emily i cannnot visit your website.

  • Tang Chenchen

    I am from china, i was so impressed,and i love this couple.i am sad when i saw the tragedies again and again. I want to get more information but i cannot.so who can help me?
    Emily i cannnot visit your website.
    my email is tcc_ct_t@163.com.