Disney Channel - New Series - Saturdays from 5 January

New Series: Mortified

Disney Channel – Saturdays from 5 January, 6.00pm

If you thought your family was a little unusual wait until you meet the Fry family when “Mortified” premieres on Disney Channel in January. “Mortified” traces two pivotal years in the life of Taylor Fry, an eccentric 11-year-old girl with an overheated imagination. Embarrassed by her unpredictable family, Taylor spends her days dreaming of escape… to live with Nicole Kidman, or to train as a lama in the Himalayas, even to volunteer to become the first child astronaut to travel to outer space. With perennial help from her best friend, Hector, Taylor gradually manages to navigate her way through the treacherous pre-teen years and learn to accept who she really is.

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