From Dachau With Love - Thursday 27 December

NZ TV Premiere: From Dachau With Love

Documentary Channel – Thursday 27 December, 9.00pm

Dachau, Germany, has become virtually synonymous with the idea of Nazi work camps. However, it is also an ancient German city, which has been and still is home to people who are born, live, love, eat, hope, go to school, dream, and live relatively normal lives. The town’s 20th century notoriety still haunts Dachau. The massive camp still stands, serving as a destination for tourists and survivors. The Bavarian riot police train next door in a former SS barracks. An enduring and devoted Jewish gentleman steadfastly remains in town, telling his story to curious visitors, speaking many different languages. Yet without denying the past, the people of Dachau are also trying to move into the 21st century. They host fairs, tourist promotions, and many other events. FROM DACHAU WITH LOVE is a frank and sympathetic portrait of a town in transformation, directed by one of its native sons.

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