Joey is the Killer

It’s Joey!

Shortland Street’s 2007 finale revealed the identity of the serial killer who has been stalking Ferndale – and confirmed that the real ending to this year’s most talked about storyline was never leaked.

Last week the appearance of three alternate endings to the serial killer story on YouTube provoked intense speculation as to which of the endings might be the one intended for broadcast. However, it was a fourth ending that tonight unmasked the serial killer.

Producer Jason Daniel said: “We announced several months ago that we were shooting several alternate endings to the story, so that if there was ever leak, nobody could know which ending would be used. In fact, security around the real ending was incredibly tight and the real ending remained a secret.

“However, to have confirmed this at the time of last week’s leaks would have eliminated the suspects featured in those endings and spoiled the fun for viewers eagerly anticipating our finale.

“We’re still not entirely sure how the three alternate endings ended up on YouTube, but we’re confident that nobody at Shortland Street or South Pacific Pictures was behind the leaks.”

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