Nickelodeon: Brand new show - Thursdays from 24 January

Brand New Show: El Tigre

Nickelodeon – Thursdays from 24 January, 5.00pm

Manny Rivera is a well-meaning kid that lives in Miracle City but when he spins his mystical belt buckle, he transforms into the brave and powerful masked warrior, El Tigre! As El Tigre, he has the great spirit of a hero but also possesses the potential to be a great villain. Manny’s father, a semi-retired superhero known as White Pantera, wants Manny to grow up to be good and honourable, just like him. However, his Granpapi, the retired super-villain, Puma Loco, thinks Manny should join him on the dark side, or at least not end up a goody-two-shoes like his dad. Manny wants to be good, but being bad is just so much fun! Tune in to El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera from Thursday, 24th January at 5:00pm.

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