Saturday 29 December

Brainiac Saturday 29 December, 10.00am

Experimentation in the name of science can be a dangerous pursuit in the wrong hands, so this crack team of Brainiacs is here to answer the scientific questions that matter.

Dare-devil and trouble-maker Richard Hammond (Top Gear) presents Brainiac with resident Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle; fearlessly undertaking a range of experiments with the assistance of their team. They test hypotheses dreamt up in the playground, this means explosions, pyrotechnics and all sorts of inadvisable things with liquid nitrogen, wrecking balls and high-voltage. Brainiac is not for the faint-hearted, not to be tried at home and most importantly, not to be missed.
Each week, questions are asked that get right to the heart of what science is all about. Can you play darts whilst being electrocuted? How permanent is permanent marker? Where’s the most painful place to rip out a hair? What’s the fastest way to go down a slide? Which household object makes the best body armour? All these and more will be answered.

The Brainiac team are also out to help with basic personal safety – trying things out so that you don’t have to. This series, they’ll help you discover why you shouldn’t put dynamite in your microwave, and why it’s not a good idea to fill your kettle with combustible solvents; while Jon Tickle wets the bed in the name of science. They also have lots of tips and tricks, like how to always win at the funfair.

The very first episode is jammed-packed with useless information, as Jon Tickle takes the plunge in a pool of syrup, and finds out everything you need to know about burping. Meanwhile, Richard finds out which is Britain’s best DIY bungee, and the team blow up their first caravan of the new series. There’s even some really usefull information thrown in, with top science tips from Granny Brainiac.

A brand-new and explosive series of Brainiac begins on TV2 Saturday 29 December at 10.00am.

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