Saturday 5 January


The Australian bush is unforgiving territory and the men who live here are the soul of the country, but even they need someone to help them love the land.
It has been almost impossible for farmers to meet the woman of their dreams – until now. PRIME’S new reality series FARMER WANTS A WIFE offers six of Australia’s most eligible farmers a solution to their love problem. This is not a competition, there is no prize money, and the only winner in the end is… love. The farmers are all prime husband material. Following hundreds of applications from women across Australia, the series follows the farmers’ road to romance over six weeks and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. After reading hundreds of applications each farmer selects 10 women. Each farmer then has to whittle the group down to two women. Who will find love and who will be left broken-hearted? In tonight’s episode each farmer has to pick 10 women from hundreds of applications. Our six nervous farmers and 60 excited city girls all head to a country estate. Then there is a round of speed dating where each woman has five minutes to impress her man. Some dates are rather awkward, while in others, there’s immediate chemistry. At the end of the night, each farmer picks his top five to invite on a group date. Early signs of love are already in the air.

FARMER WANTS A WIFE, Saturday 5th January at 7:30pm

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