Shortland Street's biggest night ever

We flew back into New Zealand this morning, after our trip around the world (more on the state of TV overseas, the writer’s strike, TV set tours and TV show filmings later) and have discovered just how much the country is hyped up about tonight’s episode of Shortland Street! I hear my mum and brother – who never watch the show – will be tuning in, how it was the hot topic at a friend’s 21st on the weekend, how everyone has a theory.

From less popular suspects such as CEO Chris Warner, Yvonne, Gerald or Tania, to widely suspected Joey or Callum: it seems everyone in NZ now has their theory on the soap’s serial killer.

Fans over at Street Talk have been freeze-framing their TV to hunt for clues (such as on Brenda’s evidence). Whoever is revealed tonight as the killer will be talked about for weeks to come.

Well done to everyone at Shortland Street for such a fantastic 2007!

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