Situation Critical: Nightmare On Mount Hood - Thursday 20 December

NZ TV Premiere: Situation Critical: Nightmare On Mount Hood

National Geographic – Thursday 20 December, 10.30pm

One wrong step by a climber on Mount Hood in the US leads to one of America’s worst climbing disasters. Linked together by ropes, four climbers steadily trace a path down the mountain slope in May 2002 when one man loses his footing in the icy conditions and crashes into his partners. With no one able to gain footing, the group careens down the mountain, slamming into other climbers along the way. Nine men tumble into a gaping crevasse known as the Bergshrund – three are killed instantly. But for the six survivors, some badly injured, the fight is now to escape the crevasse. Fellow climbers group together to lift them to safety, but as a rescue helicopter approaches, a fresh disaster looms. With TV cameras running, the state-of-art Air Force helicopter loses power in the thin mountain air and crashes to the ground with five crewmembers inside. The lines between rescuer and rescued blurs on one of the most dangerous mountains in America.

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