Trapped: Ocean Emergency - Thursday 17 January

NZ TV Premiere: Trapped: Ocean Emergency

National Geographic – Thursday 17 January, 10.30pm

January 2003. In the North Atlantic, the cargo ship Camilla is in serious trouble. The engine is dead. The captain and his crew of fifteen are trapped more than 450 kilometres from the nearest port. A cyclone is heading straight for the Camilla and the stricken vessel won’t stand a chance in 150 km/hr winds and 24-metre waves. The storm is still hours away, but any chance of rescue is just as far. There are no tugboats close enough to outrace the cyclone and the lifeboats are not an option. Captain Rakkola is forced to face what every skipper dreads – the decision to abandon ship. The crew’s only hope is a thousand-kilometre round trip away, at a Canadian forces base. Major Gilbert Thibault is in charge of 103 Search and Rescue Squadron. His team is on call 24 hours a day, trained to deal with the most difficult and dangerous rescues in the North Atlantic. This mission will put the nerves and skills of these seasoned veterans to the ultimate test. It will also push their helicopter to the limit as they rush to beat the cyclone to the ship.

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