Tuesday 18 December




In tonight’s 90-minute special we recap some of the favourite stories from the year.

The New Zealand and Australian hosts Host Renee Wright said there was no particular theme to the programme, “just good stories that we thought deserved another airing. One thing we have done is put quite a few animal stories in the Best Of because viewers seem to really love them. We’re going to have Jules from the Australian team with the gorillas in Rwanda, and their Dermott with cheetahs in Namibia. And we’re re-screening my story on the Great Bear Lodge in Canada, which was probably my number one favourite story to film.” Renee said she had absolutely loved working on Getaway this past year. “It really is the dream job for a broadcaster – travelling the world shooting a travel show.

“I’ve had so many good experiences, in fact my only bad experience was doing the whole three weeks of my Italy and Morocco trip without my luggage, which never got there and eventually arrived home in New Zealand just before I did. My colleague Clarke Gayford wasn’t quite so lucky with his year – I think his nose may still be recovering from the frost nip he got in the Antarctic. I don’t envy him that trip. It was really tough.”

Though UNITED TRAVEL GETAWAY is finishing this year, there will be a special six-part series screening through January and February showcasing the stories made by the New Zealand team of reporters.

UNITED TRAVEL GETAWAY, Tuesday 18th December at 7:30pm

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