Disney: T*Witches Too - Saturday 27 January

Original Movie: T*Witches Too

Disney Channel – Saturday 27 January, 6.30pm

You’ll be spellbound when twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, stir up hocus pocus once again in “T*Witches Too” on Disney Channel this January. The story picks up after the two long-lost sisters rescue their mother Miranda and discover their birthright, the magical kingdom of Coventry. After discovering they are twin sisters and princesses, Alex Fielding (Tia Mowry) and Camryn Barnes (Tamera Mowry) begin to adjust to their new lives together. Camryn is excited to embrace her royal lifestyle and Demitri, the handsome young man that comes with it. Meanwhile, Alex is eager to embark on a journey to college. While trying to adjust to these drastic changes and carry on as normally as possible, an ominous evil lurks and evidence surfaces that their father, Aron, may still be alive. Together with their sorceress mother and the assistance of their trusty sidekicks, Karsh and Ileana, the sisters set out to defeat a dark power and hopefully, find their father alive. Keep your magic wand at the ready when “T*Witches Too” premieres on Disney Channel.

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