Living Channel: Fridays from 1 February

NZ TV Premiere: Property Prophets

The Living Channel – Fridays from 1 February, 8.35pm

Property Prophets shows that it is still possible to make money on the mortgage by plumping for the next property hot spot – before it becomes hot! The show hunts down the next housing hot spots across the UK. Estate agent Lucy Winfield and property expert Paul Torrisi challenge would-be house hunters to be adventurous in their property search, encouraging them to step out of their safety zone and check out areas that have previously been crossed off their list. The buyers will have to decide whether they want to take a risk and put their money into an up and coming area, or stay safe and pluck for a tried and tested postcode. Providing practical tips and pointers to locating the next big thing on the property map, Prophet Prophets helps you to discover which sides of town really are the right ones to make home.

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