Lobster Wars - Wednesdays from 20 Feb. 8.30pm on Discovery Channel

The makers Deadliest Catch bring you the latest adventure in fishing…Lobster Wars. Some 160 kilometres off the coast of southern New England in the United States lies Georges Bank, one of the richest lobster fishing grounds in the world. Generations of fishermen have ventured into these waters to wrest a living from the sea and things are no different today. Many still sail from the same old historic fishing ports and hunt Georges Bank for the North Atlantic’s most prized lobster treasure. However, depleted resources near the coast are forcing these men to hunt hundreds of kilometres out into the open sea. Every winter as the temperature plummets and the seas turn stormy, lobsters migrate into the deep water in search of food and shelter for the winter. ‘Lobster Wars’ follows the offshore lobster fishing fleet during these tough winter conditions, as five boats set themselves up for the upcoming battle against the elements, all in search of lobster riches.

Wednesdays from 20 February, 8.30pm on Discovery Channel

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