Mmmmm..... Chris Brown

OMG chris brown is my hero i love him so much

hes hot
mean at singing
mean at dancing
writes the meanest songs
sings with famous people

hes just the guy every girls been dreaming to have in their life!
wish he lived in TAURANGA but famous people cant
beeh found living in this DUMP lol!

me and chris brown are going to get married one day…

maybe not tomorrow…
maybe not the next day
but we will get married 1 day!

i love chris brown and if you love him 2 then ….

HIT MEH UP BOWT IT !!!!!!!!!

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HaiIyAh wElL Im JaCiNdA Nd i lYk cHeRrYz LmBo
I ReAlI LyK FoOd nD Im 13 nD YeA Im nT FaT IF
DaTz wOt uR ShInKiNg lOl
i lUrVe mA FaM BaM
Nd aWl mA M8Z nD fOoD WeLl dAtZ AwL 4rM MeHh
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  • vanessa

    yo chris you are good at singing and raping and you are cute to love to hear from you.