Starts Wednesday 23 January

Wild Asia
Wednesdays at 7pm

New Zealand’s Natural History Unit gives viewers a window to the weird, wacky and wonderful creatures from Asia in the Wild Asia documentary series. Wild Asia screens Wednesdays at 7pm on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.

Wild Asia starts on Wednesday 23 January with Red Ape. This episode looks at a remote pocket of ancient tropical rainforest in northern Sumatra where a unique group of orangutans live. They are fascinating, and are so highly intelligent they use tools in their everyday life, similar to humans.
The next episode of Wild Asia takes viewers along Asia’s amazing coasts, from the coral reefs in Indonesia to the sub-arctic coast of Northern Russia. In the mangroves saltwater crocodiles lie in wait for a careless monkey, on coral reefs tiny sea horses defend their territories, while in the icy rivers of the north a multitude of salmon face predators like bears and sea eagles as they struggle to their spawning grounds. Asia’s coasts are a rich and diverse bounty.

From the coasts of Asia, viewers will travel to the islands of south-east Asia, where isolation has woven evolutionary magic, producing the most remarkable diversity of creatures. At Asia’s southern limit, there are some 30,000 islands. On these islands, freed from the certainties of continental life and powered by the magic of islands, species multiply and diversify. In this episode, Wild Asia focuses on the leopard, a top predator; the monitor lizard, an opportunistic scavenger, and the ubiquitous fig tree.

Wild Asia then takes viewers from the coasts to the barren dessert, the dry grasslands, spring in Asia’s northern water-blessed regions, to India’s monsoons, and then looks at three creatures that live where the human world and the animal world collide.

Viewers can experience the creatures of the amazing Asian continent in Wild Asia, Wednesdays on TVNZ Family.

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