The Girl Who Came Back From The Dead - Wednesday 30 January

Premiere: The Girl Who Came Back From The Dead

Crime Investigation Network – Wednesday 30 January, 9.30pm

In 1997 a fire swept through the family home of Luz Cuevas. Though her three sons were rescued no remains were found of her 10-day-old baby girl. Six years later Cuevas spotted a girl at a birthday party and was convinced it was her daughter. DNA testing confirmed her hopes. Shockingly her daughter was living with former family friend Carolyn Correa, passed off as Correa’s own child. Correa had set the Cuevas house on fire to allow her to snatch the baby. This is a powerful story of a woman who kept searching for the baby everyone else believed was dead and an insight into what drove Carolyn to steal another woman’s child.

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