Toad Warriors And Venom Hunters - Saturday 26 January

Australia Day Specials: Toad Warriors And Venom Hunters

Animal Planet – Saturday 26 January, 9.30pm

Craig and Jackie Adams-Maher cross Australia in search of animals threatened by the spread of the cane toad. Their mission is to capture snakes for the Australian Reptile Parks venom program. At the top of their list are two species, the Plains Death Adder and King Brown. The snakes make their home on the plains of Arnhem Land and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Come the wet season (November to January) the cane toads will sweep across the area, sending animal populations crashing. These snakes are essential to the production of anti-venom and must be saved. Along the way we see the many species under threat and the other bizarre creatures that have been transplanted to Australia and now call it home.

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