Weeknights from 18 Feb. 7.30pm on UKTV

TV’s toughest celebrity challenge is back – and this time it’s harder than ever! Once again 10 unsuspecting celebrities are dropped into the Australian jungle for an endurance test of a life time. Their plush pads are swapped for a jungle clearing in the Australian outback, bed is now a hammock under the stars, food is basic rations of rice and water and to earn a half decent evening meal they will have to undergo some of the most terrifying and stomach churning ‘Bushtucker Trials’ the show has ever seen! This series the famous Bushtucker Trials are set to be the worst yet and there will be plenty of surprises to keep the celebrities on their game every step of the way. Faced with terrifying heights, unpalatable parts of animals to eat, underwater tasks and every kind of creepy-crawly imaginable, will the celebrities have what it takes to make it through the trials and win food for their camp? Who will be the first to quit? Who will be pining for their loved ones, and who will be the first to cry: “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” Celebrities this series include: Jason Brown (from boyband 5ive), Marc Bannerman (Eastenders / Footballers Wives Extra Time), John Burton Race (TV Chef), Rodney Marsh (former England football player), Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols manager + more), Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks), Anna Ryder Richardson (Changing Rooms), Cerys Matthews (singer – Catatonia), Janice Dickinson (Supermodel)

Weeknights from 18 February, 7.30pm on UKTV

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