CBS News dumbs down super delegates.

To anybody whining about the state of New Zealand’s News shows may I present to you CBS News’ attempt to compete with 24 hour news channels and their cutting edge technologies: Bring in two nerds to draw handmade sketches to explain complex political systems.

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Dane McLean

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  • TV Blogger

    I thought the joke was seeing CBS still using Katie Couric- not the cartoon. FAIL!

  • Rachel

    Funny, because I was reading about this on a blog I subscribe to yesterday where they use low-tech ways of explaining complicated things.

    As a different response, they write:

    Dumb or Just Fun? Those are the only two choices? What about effective? What about innovative?

    Personally I’m happy to see CBS experimenting with the whiteboard-based style. Of course we wonder if Common Craft was an inspiration, but we’re not going to assume anything. If anything we’re excited to see the format take shape.

    We’re believers that we all (including the evening news) need better explanations and more levity. Josh Landis and Mitch Butler, whose speaking style reminds me a bit of “Troy McClure” from the Simpsons, are raising the visibility of simple-yet-powerful explanations.

  • DanielM

    I understand now!

    But, on the other hand, not anything I would expect primetime news to have. The whole presentation made me feel like I was 10 again.