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Libby (Fleur Saville) is about to raise the stakes in the game of love on Shortland Street.
Having tried and failed to make ex-boyfriend Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) fight to win her affections, Libby decides to turn her attention to another worthy bachelor in the form of Shanti’s (Nisha Madhan) handsome brother Sunil Kumar (Monish Anand).
Could Sunil really be Mr. Right for Libby – or is he just Mr. Right-For-Now? How will Kieran react to the idea the Libby may be finally moving on?
Sparks are sure to fly when the Kieran-Libby-Sunil love triangle ramps up!

Also in upcoming episodes – the discomfort factor is wound up to a thousand percent when when the Warners fake a happy family get together in the form of a cosy dinner.
Determined to try and give their young son a sense of normality, Toni (Laura Hill) joins Chris (Michael Galvin) and Harry (Henry Willams) at home for an evening meal. Just when things are going smoothly, the dinner is interrupted by a visit from Chris’s old flame Detective Lara Wade (Anna Henare).
Is she there for business or pleasure? How will Toni react to the arrival of yet another of Chris’s ex-lovers?

Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) gets into the politics of teenage driving.
After having to remove a victim’s limb to save a life after a horrific road accident caused by a teen driver, Sarah finds herself questioning the safety of younger drivers on the road. A second spate of car crash victims on the same night reinforces the message for Sarah that 15 is too young to be driving. Sarah is a woman on a mission, but what can she do to resolve this issue – and how far is she prepared to go?

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