How much TV do you actually watch?

Lost Remote discusses the growing group of people who don’t watch TV or have a service like Sky. They just watch whatever they want online.

So how much broadcast TV do you watch? Do you watch your favourite shows on your computer, or on your TV after downloading them? Do you buy/rent DVDs of TV shows you like, instead of watching them when they’re broadcast?

Lost Remote goes to on say that the only thing that most local TV stations produce is local news but that this is available more and more online and local TV stations may face extinction if they’re not careful.

Their solution? “Start producing original content that bridges platforms — that’s unique enough to not only to attract an audience but create fans. It will require new, innovative, locally-produced niche programming that spans TV, mobile and the web. In other words, a whole new approach. Similar to the newspapers, it will be a matter of survival.”

What do you think the future of broadcast TV is? Major events like All Blacks tests and other live sports? Or will this be online too?

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