NZ TV Premiere: Wild Crime: Forest Intruder -Thursday 14 February

NZ TV Premiere: Wild Crime: Forest Intruder

National Geographic – Thursday 14 February, 9.30pm

Russia’s Far East is famous for long and brutal winters. The undisputed king of this frozen domain is the Siberian Tiger. Hunted almost to extinction, there are now only 500 of these elusive cats left in the wild, and they are spread out across 70,000 miles of wilderness. Incredibly stealthy with a killer camouflage, these tigers are rarely seen. But when a researcher is suddenly attacked in the vast frozen forest, investigators are left scratching their heads. As the researcher battles for his life, investigators analyse a rash of similar attacks in the area. What they discover only adds to the mystery. What is causing these normally elusive cats to come out of hiding and attack humans? And is the real predator the tiger or man?

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