Ocean Voyagers

Narrated by Meryl Streep, Ocean Voyagers is an intimate portrait of Humpback life by telling the story of a relationship between a mother whale and her baby. An ancient species and one of the largest animals ever to live on earth, Humpback Whales have been travelling and singing their mesmerising songs throughout the world’s oceans for millions of years. Like the oceans themselves, what we know of Humpbacks’ lives is surprisingly little. We meet the calf when he is only one day old and pure white, swimming beside his mother in the warm tropical seas of the South Pacific. Ocean Voyagers takes us along on the first few months of his life and his preparation for his first great voyage, an 11,200 kilometre journey and ‘coming of age’ to the home feeding grounds in Antarctica. As the calf grows, we witness the dangers that he faces from both animal predators and humans, including shark attacks, fishing gear entanglement, and worst of all, commercial whalers. We see where he goes and what he learns from his mother, including the amazing art of bubble fishing where Humpback Whales surround schools of fish with elaborate curtains of bubbles. Ocean Voyagers is a truly unique documentary demonstrating the importance of why we should be protecting these magnificent creatures.

Friday 21 March, 8.30pm on Animal Planet

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