Serial Killer storyline ending: Shortland Street's finest moments

Last night we had the privilege of attending a special sneak preview of the serial killer storyline ending which plays out on TV next week (Monday – Wednesday). The cast were out in force and you can see photos here »

I had decided before I went to the event not to spoil the ending for you and I’m now 100% convinced that it will be better to sit and enjoy the episodes without knowing what will happen. Seriously.

These three episodes are without a doubt for me to be Shortland Street’s finest hours.

You’ll be taken on a roller coaster thriller ride which will make you proud to be a fan of the show, and proud that a Kiwi soap can produce such an amazing ending to this serial killer storyline. It’s dark, yes, but the humour is brilliant. It even felt like watching a movie – there was so much suspense, action, thrills and surprises. Scenes reminded me of a psycho-killer movie or something, it was unreal. I had a few moments when I would have yelled at the TV if I had been at home. Some of the actors I didn’t think would play a major role were outstanding and spine-tingling in certain scenes.

I think you could watch those three episodes without ever having watched Shortland Street before and be converted to start watching the show from that point onwards. I know that it will be hard to repeat this intense storyline but all credit to the writers, the actors and everyone involved for pulling off something that I would be surprised if it didn’t get critics thumbs up all around.

You can’t miss these episodes. They will blow you away.

Read more thoughts on the night »

PS None of this was a paid advertisement. The only thing which irked me in the teeniest way was Lara Wade, but I don’t think she could ever stop annoying me!

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  • G. Brown

    Thank you for this great write-up! I am really looking forward to tuning in now.

    Some of my family are watching the show again next week and they NEVER watch Shortland Street.

    I hope that the show gets all the praise you believe it deserves and more.

    P.S Tonights episode was chilling as well. Loved seeing Scotty being so protective of his girl.

  • Jack Frot

    I like the card someone wrote “Why would you want to kill us? we’re your fans we love you”



    < <....HoTnEsS....>>


  • Annabee

    I’ve probably enjoyed the last few months of Shortland Street the most and I’ve been an off and on viewer since it started.
    The show has matured, a lot. Lots of laughs to be had also despite the latest morbid storyline. I hope they can match this plot in future. I doubt it.

  • DaMo

    From the look of the promo it looks like Alice might be next, but would the writers even contemplate killing off Alice, who was best buds with Jay, who was also bumped off.

  • Markie

    Tonight episode was BLOODY Fantastic.. a few surprise twist and shock.. I absolutely love it, and if i was one of the writers, i wouldnt change one bit.. It was nice to mention the other victims.. VERY GOOD JOB!!

  • bobscoffee

    you know what’s going to happen though, alice will survive, they catch joey in the end and all will be well. hope i’m proved wrong though.

  • What a GREAT finale to the Joey storyline! Personally I think the arc would have had more power in it if he’d been arrested, then escaped a few months later during his trial. Gone after Alice again (and she once again kicks his stupid butt!).

    Toni Potter was FANTASTIC in these episodes. It’s only a shame the writers didn’t see fit to include more of Alice in the Thursday and Friday episodes. It would have been good to delve into the mind of the woman who actually WENT THROUGH it all, rather than focusing on Shanti and Tania, as well as the Warner BS and the Libby/Kieren debacle. To me their garbage storylines took away from the seriousness of what Alice Piper went through.

    C’mon writers, don’t be so slack!

    Looking forward to the next few weeks to see how everything is handled.

    Can we please give Johnny his own tv series (heck, maybe even take Toni and Adam over with him)?????? He’s awesome! But, not as a maniac serial killer. Let’s have him be the nice guy again 🙂 🙂 🙂