Sunday Showcase: Return To The Wild - Sunday 3 February

Sunday Showcase: Return To The Wild

Animal Planet – Sunday 3 February, 8.30pm

Northern Thailand is a mountainous wilderness of unspoilt forest. Here you can find Elephant Haven, a place where 25 Asian elephants roam free after years of hard labour in the cities or woods. Elephants of all ages and from different families live together in this lush green forest. They have made new families after loosing their old ones and this is unique because elephants are famous for their very strong and lifelong family bonds. The elderly have adopted the young ones and adoptive older brothers take care of the small and the old and weak. Antoinette van de Water, a Dutch young woman started the foundation “Bring the Elephant Home” which collects money to buy Elephants who are most in need of being transferred to Elephant Haven. Viewers see first hand how she brings two elephants to bring to the park.

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