Taffy Hotene - Wednesday 27 February, 9.30pm

In this local documentary series, forensic psychologist Nigel Latta examines the lives of six of New Zealand’s worst murderers.

Taffy Hotene was born in Murupara in 1970, but was brought up in a chaotic and abusive foster home in Mangere. At the age of 16, Hotene was arrested for attempted rape and when he got out of prison he immediately offended again with a series of brutal attacks on women in Wanganui. Hotene was sentenced to 12 years for these attacks and, only seven weeks after being released on parole in 2001, he raped and murdered Auckland journalist, Kylie Jones, in a frenzied attack in a Glen Innes park.

Wednesday 27 February, 9.30pm on TV1

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  • julie

    what a mongrel my parents owned one of the shops that Hotene held up in whanganui the person who worked for them at the time still suffers from that attack

  • Son

    He was indeed a mongrel. But I don’t for a nano-second agree with Nigel Latta re Hotene. This kid never had a chance from the time he landed on the door steps of his adoptive parents home. Any chance he had was eroded by the horrific abuse he lived through.

  • Sarah Blum

    I was disappointed with Latte’s value-judgements on Hotene who had been rejected virtually most of his life. From the description given, it sounds like Hotene has never been able to form ‘trust’ with a responsible adult. If you have never had that,how you can you possibly function as a normal human being??

    My question is… Has Latte ever been subject to such extreme abuse to the degree Hotene had? Has Latte ever slept under the house possibly sharing with rodents? I wish somewhat would put these questions to Latte. If Latte had been brought up in the same manner, what would he be like today? Any better? Would he be of ‘weak character’…

    While it is clear that Hotene has to stay behind bars for the safety of society, I think we should comprehend why Hotene is like he is. We do not ignore this at our peril but we should comprehend this is a man who has had no ‘chance’ or real ‘parental love’ in this lifetime. Does Latte think he is ‘God?’

  • Bridge

    I in no way condome what this man has done, he did have a very awful up bringing with no adult role models to look up to, but I do strongly feel that given the right support networks and a chance to change (i.e Leagendaires Club) who knows maybe the killing of Kylie Jones would never had happenend. He was there he had his chance to turn his life around and they arrested him. I have very strong views on this………

    I feel given the right support networks around the place that the people that commit these crimes can have the chance to turn their lives around, all they need is a chance!!!!!!!!

    I thinks it’s a bit harsh to call him a mongrel!!!!!!

  • Anon

    He is a mongrel. But if you note this story has two distinct parts. The kid who was maltreated like Nia Glassie, James Whakaruru, Decelia Witika, Hine Waoriki Karitiana etc and the point whereby this guy crosses the line and starts creating victims.