Target premieres Tuesday, February 5th at 7:30pm

3’s award winning show Target returns for a new season with more consumer information and it’s trademark hidden camera item, Target premieres Tuesday, February 5th at 7:30pm.

Presented by Jeanette Thomas and Brooke Howard-Smith, Target provides useful consumer information in an entertaining and educational style.

This year’s series of Target offers a few new sections to entertain and educate audiences, but still retains the underlying elements that have made Target such a successful series.

Returning are all the show’s favourite segments which will keep viewers informed with the dodgy practices and products around the country.

New to Target this season is the How to Buy Second Hand segment where experts talk viewers through what to look out for when buying appliances, cars, and anything second hand.

The first episode of the 2008 season will see Brooke investigate the ethics of pre purchase agreements for medical treatment, and uncover a chiropractor who claims to be able to fix what others can’t, but only if the patient agrees to pay up front.

This will be followed by Target’s highly informative Hidden Camera section which will continue to expose rip-offs and dodgy workmanship in the home, office and on the street.

In our season premiere Hidden Camera section Target will trial European and Asian restaurants and put the level of customer service to the test, the results will shock and surprise some restaurant goers.

Later, Brooke will return with his first product check for the year. Target will be testing four leading brands of bicycle helmet and showing parents which is the best for their kids with regards to safety, comfort, and style.

Finally, in Target’s brand new segment Jeanette will meet a different expert each week and get expert advice about buying second-hand goods, everything from cars to microwaves, watches to cell phones.

This week Jeanette will be showing you how to get the best deal when buying second-hand fridges.

Tuesday, February 5th at 7:30pm

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  • Jack Frost

    Does anyone watch this crap, I just think it is a joke since last year they had a go at clothing.

    have a read here

    right from the very first episode they never got it right.

  • bobscoffee

    i agree with you jack especially with brooke howard smith as one of the hosts i can’t take the show seriously anymore.

  • Paul Wilson

    I was suprised at the motel episode where they looked at the keys. They had a go at a motel which only had the room number and not the places name on it. They said something like “What if it was lost”. And gave them a lower rating because of this. It would be a very good thing if it didnt have the name on it because someone would have the key and would know where to use it. They obviously don’t think things over very well. The motel was very wise. Target was not.

  • Eric

    Can you believe this crap, now they are marking the camera visits on the shops ability to give direction. what a pack of morons the target team are, get a life!! I would be more worried about food hygiene & getting the correct change.

    Here is one example of correct change, I used to but I dont do this anymore, if the price came to sat $9.10 I might give them $10.10 so I only have one coin given back to me, not a 50c & 2*20, but over time I got sick of people who can not add, it works alright at the supermarket were the change is worked out on the till but NOT a small shops, sometimes it is just better to have a BIG pocket full of correct coins, sooner or latter you have to buy new trousers and you get a new pocket without holes in it..

    As for directions I used to work in a small shop doing electronic repairs Pakuranga, I got bloody sick of people interrupting me all the time, only coming in only to ask were “John Street” was (or some other street), in the end it did not matter what street they said I always gave the same answer “go down the street there, it is the second on left, then first on the right”

  • Peter Nis

    Did anybody see “Target” last night, if not never mind, you can see it Saturday 4pm TV3.

    There was a real loose cannon caught by the Target team dropping litter somewhere in Auckland I take it, then it start abusing the Target team, his language was so bad, Target had to [BUZZ] out some of the words he used, what a loser, all he had to do was to say sorry and he would not of looked like such a dork.