Tuesday 12 February, 7.30pm on TV1

Charlie (Bill Ward) lies in intensive care tonight on Coronation Street with Jason keeping a bedside vigil for his seriously injured boss.

The doctors don’t seem hopeful that Charlie will pull through; but Jason (Ryan Thomas) remains optimistic and stays at Charlie’s bedside in the hope that he might wake up.
Meanwhile, Tracy (Kate Ford) has been let out on bail following a grilling by detectives about her so-called self-defence claims. She is terrified that Charlie will recover from his appalling injuries and then tell the police what really happened. She even ignores her bail conditions and sneaks a visit to the hospital where she tells an unconscious Charlie that she hopes he dies soon.

Kate Ford says: “When Tracy finds out that Charlie hasn’t died straight away, she is terrified that he might actually wake up and tell the cops the truth. She planned to kill him so knowing he is still alive puts her into a panic.

“She orders Deirdre to take her to the hospital where she wishes her cheating boyfriend would hurry up and die. It’s a really worrying time for Tracy as she is desperate to cover her tracks and not be charged with murder.”

“As far as she’s concerned, Charlie was trying to kill her and that’s what she has told everybody. But if Charlie comes to and tells the truth, Tracy will almost certainly be done for attempted murder.”

Will Charlie wake up and spill the beans about twisted Tracy? Or will he die and let Tracy get away with murder?

If you missed Tracy’s attack on Charlie last week, you can catch up on the drama with the Coronation Street Omnibus, which starts on Saturday 9 February. The Omnibus will be a repeat of the previous week’s episodes and will screen at midday each Saturday.

Tuesday 12 February, 7.30pm on TV1

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