Voting numbers: Dancing with the Stars 2008

Viewers can vote for their favourite Dancing With The Stars celebrity competitor by telephone or texting. A percentage of the proceeds from voting for Dancing With The Stars will be donated to each celebrity’s charity of choice.

0900 89 811 – Tina Cross
0900 89 812 – Cory Hutchings
0900 89 813 – Miriama Smith
0900 89 814 – Monty Betham
0900 89 815 – Temepara George
0900 89 816 – Peter Urlich
0900 89 817 – Geeling Ng
0900 89 818 – Martin Devlin

Or by texting the celebrity’s first name to 8981. Text and telephone voting costs 99 cents (inc GST).

This cost is outside of any free weekend or capped text promotion. Please check with your mobile operator for details. TVNZ does not take any money from the votes.

How does the Dancing With The Stars voting system work?

The voting system is based on the international format for Dancing With The Stars, in which 50 per cent of the judges’ vote and 50 per cent of the public’s vote give the final result.

If a celebrity is still in the show after the judges have issued them a low score, it means they have received a large amount of votes from the public.

The text and phone votes are tallied up by an independent service aggregator company, not TVNZ or the producers.

Where the money from go?

Voting is provided by the two mobile networks and Telecom’s 0900 service. Operational costs are recovered by the telcos in accordance with either their individual commercial or corporate practices. An external company is contracted, for a fee, to provide a “LIVE” and independent aggregation service. Following recovery of the above operation costs, all remaining money is given to the contestants’ nominated charities, without further deductions. TVNZ keeps no part of the money raised.

This is identical to the process and procedures adopted for the previous series, which resulted in more than $1 million being paid to the charities.

When we will know how much the charities have received from voting?
The final amount the stars’ designated charities receive will be known when the Dancing With The Stars series has finished. There is a delay of approximately 90 days in obtaining the final figures, due to the 0900 telephone billing systems.

Who can vote?

Anyone living in New Zealand can vote.

When I vote and when are the results announced?

Voting will commence at the end of each Tuesday night show (at approximately 10pm), except episode one, when the lines will be open from the start of the show and are open until approximately 9.45pm during the next episode on the following Tuesday. The week’s results will be announced during the final segment of the show.

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