What do you think of Cory Hutchings on Dancing with the Stars 2008?

Cory Hutchings is dancing with Rebecca Nicholson

Gisborne resident Cory Hutchings is a life-saving legend in New Zealand. The three times World Surf Ironman Champion grew up in a family that was passionate about surf life-saving and he was taking part in the sport by the time he was five years old.

He soon started to compete in ‘Nippers’ carnivals and competitions, and throughout his school days, he competed nationwide, and gradually moved towards specialising in Ironman competitions.

Cory held the national Ironman title for more than a decade and represented New Zealand, both as an individual and as a member of the national team, adding international titles to his impressive haul. Cory won the World Surf Ironman biannual title in 1998, 2000 and 2002.

Cory is no stranger to our screens, most recently presenting TV2’s local series Surf Club 174, and as a contestant on the second season of Celebrity Treasure Island. He has also appeared on Game Of Two Halves.

Cory Hutchings

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  • Rachel

    Week 1: Cha-cha-cha

    Judges praised his:

    • attitude
    • rhythm
    • leg action

    Judges encouraged him to:

    • relax more
    • be more edgey
    • not jolt awkwardly
    • not be so flat-footed
    • take the audience on a journey.


    • Week 1: 23 (6 6 5 6)
  • Rikki

    Nice guy.
    A bit stiff, and as the judges said – he needs to relax and show emotion and personality.

  • Rikki

    Again, he is a nice guy – and probably getting by with that!

    Had to agree with judges, they said what I had been – well with more added from them!
    Dancing seemed all out of time and just not right with the music.
    One of the worst of the night.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I think the music was terrible! Something like the beach boys would have been far more fitting EG Surfin Safari or Surfin USA. Having said that I think I read somewhere that they only have a very limited choice of songs……

  • Rikki

    Yeh, better this week. More a ‘ballroom’ type dancer! He looked quite good!
    But Rebecca’s dress looked like it was an old dress out of a second hand shop! Old looking – like her great granny would have worn.

  • Rikki

    What was with that shirt!!!! He said he liked it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an aweful one.

    His whole look was wrong before starting to dance then though he tried, he proved again, he just isn’t a natural dancer.

    Should definatley have been the one to go. Sorry Cory!

  • Rikki

    Really was right that Cory went! He’s such a nice guy – and good to hear him praise the others and say they deserve to carry on more than him!

    But that music for Pasa Doble? Just didn’t seem right, didn’t get the mood of the dance at all!

    Bet he’s secretly glad it’s over for him!
    Good on him for all his efforts!:)

  • ChchTVaddict

    I agree Rikki but still kinda sad he’s gone….He’s such a nice guy and tried REALLY hard

    I’m hoping for a Temepara/Monty final 🙂