What do you think of Geeling Ng on Dancing with the Stars 2008?

Geeling Ng is dancing with Brian Jones

Geeling Ng is recognised worldwide for her role in David Bowie’s China Girl music video.

The Chinese actor was born and raised in Auckland, modelling for Thornton Hall and Adrienne Winkelmann before moving to Sydney in her 20s.

Living in Sydney, Geeling modelled and worked in a café, starting the two careers that have been the basis of her working life. She has featured in French Vogue, appeared in Mad Max 2 – Beyond Thunderdome, and in 1983 when Bowie came downunder looking for someone to star in the video for his new single, he knew he’d found the girl he was looking for the moment he saw Kiwi Geeling at the auditions. The controversial music clip featured the couple lying naked in the surf and, despite being banned from some stations, it won the MTV music video award for the year.

After filming the video and joining him on tour, Geeling returned to New Zealand to continue modelling and acting, landing the key role of Jasmine on Gloss.

Over recent years, Geeling has kept her finger in both pies – managing and training staff at various restaurants, and continuing to model and act.

She was also a studio manager at South Pacific Pictures (Shortland Street) for two years.

Last year, Geeling ran the New York Marathon, raising funds for her chosen charity, the Breast Cancer Research Trust.

She hosts the cooking segment for TV ONE’s Asia Downunder and is the operations manager at Soul Bar & Bistro in Auckland’s Viaduct.

Geeling Ng

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About the author

  • Rachel

    Week 1: Waltz
    Song: Open Arms – Mariah Carey

    Judges encouraged her to:

    • improve timing
    • blend things fluidly and smoothly
    • live the dance right from the start
    • work on her nerves
    • rely on Brian more
    • move on fast from mistakes
    • keep shoulders down
    • take the audience on a journey


    • Week 1: 17 (4 5 3 5)
  • Rikki

    Didn’t like her. Would be sorry not to see any more of Brian, but think she should be the one to go.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I agree Rikki she was terrible (and had an interesting hemline on her dress, An attempt to hide her footwork?)

    Should definitely go

  • Rachel

    I’m guessing she’ll be the first to go. How many people would know who she is? I didn’t.

  • ChchTVaddict

    Rachel! Did you not see GLOSS? I think its worth a re run on TVNZ6 Fantastic LOL

  • Rachel

    No I was overseas for some of the time it was on but I keep meaning to tune in to TVNZ6 for it.

  • Rikki

    I had no idea who she was. Never watched Gloss!;)

  • Rikki

    ………..and happy she went.:)