What do you think of Martin Devlin on Dancing with the Stars 2008?

Martin Devlin is dancing with Lauren de Boeck

Martin Devlin is one of New Zealand’s leading sports commentators, probably most recognisable to Kiwi viewers for his long-running role in TV ONE show, Game Of Two Halves.

For almost 20 years, Martin has been sharing his opinion with the nation. In 1987, he studied Radio Broadcasting at Christchurch Polytechnic, going on to work as a breakfast host in ‘The Naki’.

Since then he has worked on a variety of radio stations, including The Edge, Channel Z, and Radio Sport. During his show on Radio Sport, Martin talked with some of the most outrageous sports commentators and sports stars of the moment worldwide.

He’s won many broadcasting awards, including Sports Broadcaster Of The Year four times. Martin has now returned to his first love, watching and talking sport.

He writes a column for the Sunday News, ‘The Heckler’ column in the sports section of the Sunday Star Times, and is gearing up for another series of Game Of Two Halves later this year.

Martin Devlin

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About the author

  • Rachel

    Week 1: Waltz
    Song: Amazing Grace

    Judges praised his:

    • smile
    • fine job

    Judges encouraged him to:

    • go for it
    • improve flat footedness
    • improve timing
    • improve positioning
    • not be so stiff
    • feel it more
    • have more emotion


    • Week 1: 21 (4 6 6 5)
  • Rikki

    Another suprise – he did so much better than I expected from the clips before the dancing.

  • Rikki

    Well, after being a bit of a joke last week – this week he was suprisingly good again!

  • Rikki

    That Pasa Doble was BAD! He needed to go!

  • Grant

    Totally agree Rikki. He really stood out as the one to go this week. Thought he’d had gone earlier, judging by the list of participants before the show started!