Wheel of Fortune Host: Jason Gunn

Who will host Wheel of Fortune.

I think Jason Gunn would be great.

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  • ell

    wendyll nissen this morning on ZB inferred that it was going to be Simon barnett

  • Rachel

    I’ve heard Simon Barnett definitely hosting a new game show, not sure if it’s this one or not though.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I’m not sure Jason’d do it with DWTS and The Rich List

    Simon’d be great! Will take me back a few years LOL Wonder if that’ll mean they’ll do it from Christchurch?

  • jhjh2000

    The Rich List caming back?

  • woffanz

    Love wheel of fortune and cant wait to tune it.Have no idea who will host,if it is Jason should be ok and i just hope the co-host isnt some bimbo model,that will take away from the show.Sure they have to be goodlooking,but we need someone with personality,flair and good head on her shoulders.wouldnt it be great if the host was actually a woman!

  • joe blogs

    I think Lana Cocroft who was the assistant on the old WoF should be the host. Someone with attitude!

  • Rachel

    Jason Gunn is the host.

  • DanielM

    Wow, Jason is becoming quite the public face again. TVNZ is heading back to the 90’s as each day goes by doesn’t it? Still, I thought he was pretty good on The Rich List (that’s coming back too isn’t it?).

    Who’s the assistant. They can’t just replace the board with LCD panels! I want the whole “light-up-block-and-turn” thing going on.

  • Rachel

    He’ll be busy because Dancing with the Stars finishes after Wheel of Fortune starts!

  • Jack Frost

    Taking of shows,
    I thought personality squares was a interesting show to watch if you had a few of good comedies on the show, there used to be a USA version on TV a couple of years ago, and NZ one a lot longer ago.

  • G.G.

    Won’t people start getting sick of his face on TV? He’s a good host sure but overexposure is a real possibility…

  • anon

    new tv guide says its jason and hes going to be real busy

  • I’m heading to the filming of the pilot show this afternoon. I’ll be able to confirm who the host is tonight!


  • sirjakos

    No need jason is the host.

  • monreve

    that’s good if Jason Gunn is the host – i guess he’s the only person who can pull off a high repeat on our screens – i see that channel nine are also making the show in Australia. bring back the game shows !!

  • Hey, went to the filming today and I can confirm…

    Wheel of Fortune is hosted by Jason Gunn


    The person who makes the letters appear on the board is…

    Sonia Grey

    There’s your official WoF news for the day! Now I’m off to sleep so tomorrow/today I can celebrate easter and my birthday!

  • Ed

    p.s. I can also confirm it looks like The Rich List is coming back later this year. Had a chat to Jase after and it looks like he is gonna be very busy!

  • Jack Frost

    Jason Gunn might be good but I see no reason at all why I should watch this program,

    I will never earn a cent watching it.
    it is just like modern yankee comedy (no laughs).
    the plot is always the same and suits viewers with low IQ.

  • ChchTVaddict

    Happy Birthday Ed

  • darksidekatana

    Yeah Nah I’d Say Jhonny Depp Nah Just Jking I Reckon Jason Gun Should Lol

  • Te Puawai Puroa

    Why Jason Gunn? We need a new face new flavour new look Jason has become tiresome and in fact we need someone NEW.. give someone else a gO…


    some1 WITH FLAVOR.. & FRESH…

  • momentlikethis

    Jason Gunn is the best. I will watch for the sole reason he is host.

  • Mark Outback

    Oh my goodness – Someone started this forum with the intention of ‘talking Jason Gunn up’ as a possibility to host Wheel of Fortune? The WOF format is cheesy and 80’s enough as it is let alone adding Jason Gunn as the host. Does anyone here realise how much ‘cheese’ he has brought to the Dancing with the Stars show? He sang last year in the final… Enough said? Surely we have more ‘potential’ in NZ, and in these days of our International success in film, television and drama can come up with something better than this, and someone more talented than Jason Gunn to front.

  • nanisnap

    We need new hosts in NZ. I’m sick of the same 3 people on every show.

  • Philip Niel Randrup

    He’s making the same old mistakes that other presenters of this program have – allowing the contestants to answer the question with a question – the high rising terminal (question mark) at the end of their reply. I remember one excellent front man fixed it by saying “Are you asking me or telling me?”. It’s unfair to the other competitors. So in my book Jason doesn’t hack it.