World Cinema: Coma - sday 5 Feb

World Cinema: Coma

Rialto – Tuesday 5 February, 8.30pm

A young doctorate graduate on the verge of leaving Iran is confronted with events educating him of the other classes in Iranian society. This is a film about oppression. It pictures a sub-culture that has often been associated with the lower class in Iranian societies. Hassan is the perfect stereotype for a certain group of people who are often called “JAVAD” by the younger more westernized generation. Originated from the poor southern neighbourhoods of Tehran, the “JAVAD” culture has often been mocked by those who consider themselves more modern and stylish. The irony of the matter is in the fact that through this process of mockery, Iranians (especially the younger generations) have developed a fetish with the norms and codes of the JAVAD culture. Imitating JAVAD slang and styles has become a “cool” thing to laugh at.
Starring: Amin Hayaii, Mahnaz Afshar and Haids Fooladvand.

Director: Arash Moirian.

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