Dancing with the Stars - ratings for all the seasons to date

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Hello, I thought you might find this chart showing total audience over time interesting.

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  • ChchTVaddict

    That’s interesting! Season 1 really built up. The others started higher but dropped off. I wonder how much has to do with the cast that has been picked? If you look at this season for example no HUGE names like Paul Holmes for example (or politians willing to put themselves out there, then again it is a election year)

  • Jack Frost

    you mean there is five more shows to go WHAT A PAIN!!! I would not mind if there was something worth watching on the other stations, TV3 has 2nd rate crap all the time. (and they get 2nd rate sports presenters) I guess that is how TV1 get most of there audience.

  • Monty fan

    GO MONTY!!! I hope he wins!!

  • Rachel

    The ratings for this year are really interesting. It’s still the biggest show on TV, but less so than previous years.

  • toggerlogger

    It’s what happens when it’s now dancing with nonentities

  • Rachel

    The names weren’t as big this year as last year. But maybe it’s the same with all reality shows over time they go down?