Desperate Housewives

Monday 31 March, 8.30pm

In tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree discovers a few problems with her quest to be a better mother the third time around; and actress Marcia Cross is excited about the changes in her character’s life.

Now that baby Benjamin has arrived, Bree is determined to leave behind all the mistakes of the past, and all the secrets that had been holding her back. But unfortunately, her determination makes her a little blind to the feelings of the men in her life – her husband, Orson, and oldest son, Andrew.
Marcia Cross explains; “I think Bree realises she made mistakes with her kids, and she desperately wants this chance to do it again and do it right. I know she feels she sort of failed, although I think her relationships with her kids are progressing. But, I’m not sure she is really conscious of what she actually did wrong the first time.”

A new side to Bree is brought out in tonight’s episode, when she is distraught to find her parenting ideas are making Orson unhappy. With her dream being not just to be the perfect mother, but also the perfect wife, Bree asks the advice of father-of-five, Tom Scavo. Tom and Lynette have had to get creative when it comes to finding time away from their brood, and his advice to Bree is sure to put the smile back on Orson’s face.

Marcia is having a particularly fun fourth season on Desperate Housewives, where she not only has a second chance at motherhood, she also has a new neighbour – who has turned into a nemesis. Dana Delaney was originally asked by creator Marc Cherry to play the part of Bree, but luckily, she waited until now to become a part of the hit series as Katherine Mayfair. The new addition seems as picture perfect as Bree, but also has a secret to hide, and the two redheads are a match made in soap heaven.

“I love the scenes with Dana Delaney,” says Cross, “they just somehow have a little sparkle and fire to them. It’s always really great to have someone to tangle with, it really is a blast. Plus, having an adversary really made me look closer at Bree, because I thought, well, what’s different about these two women? They’re both homemakers and sort of ‘waspy’, but their souls are different. I think Bree’s a little goofier.”

See Bree’s parenting obsession take off tonight; while detectives question Gabrielle about Victor’s disappearance, Mike’s drug dealer drops by and charms Susan, and Lynette reunites with her long-lost stepfather.

Desperate Housewives screens Monday 31 March at 8.30pm on TV2.

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