Diary of a Serial Killer Documentary Trailer!

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Shortland Street stars Johnny Barker (Joey Henderson) and Kiel McNaughton (James “Scotty” Scott) have been quietly working on a documentary which chronicles the creation and development of The Ferndale Strangler, the drama series’ most notorious villain to date.

Dressing-room buddies have high hopes for self-made, self-funded documentary.

The documentary which currently has the working title ‘Diary of a Serial Killer’ is intended for a prime-time television audience and follows Johnny Barker as he deals with the challenges of playing a serial killer on screen whilst dealing with increasing public scrutiny in his everyday life.

“I’ve always been as fascinated as anyone else to see what public reaction was going to be like,” says Barker. “When I landed in this situation, I knew things were going to get interesting so I decided to document as much of it as I could.”

“It’s a great story we’re telling,” says McNaughton, “and if the ratings for Shortland Street‘s serial killer storyline are anything to go by there will be a lot of interest in our doco too.”

“People I’ve spoken to about the doco are curious to see how Johnny is treated outside of work and how ‘celebrity’ affects somebody’s everyday life.”

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  • dannielle

    u roxxxxxxx

  • ell

    it looks fantastic. Hopefully TV2 purchase the documentary.

  • Alaina Roar

    This will be on 20/20 this Thursday. I assume it’s this same documentary – I don’t think there’d be two…

  • Rachel

    The doco itself isn’t on 20/20 this Thursday – but they talk to them about the doco on it. The actual doco will be out by the end of the year.

  • Alaina Roar

    Ohhh okay thanks. Both should be interesting.