Good Morning

Tuesday 1 April, 9.00am

It was the day Good Morning will never forget – when British celebrity hypnotist Peter Powers appeared on the show and snapped hosts Brendon Pongia and Steve Gray into a deep trance.

Ten hilarious minutes of must-watch TV later, he snapped them back – but by then it was too late. Viewers had seen Steve make advances to Sarah Bradley, dissolve into a giggling fit and hide behind the sofa. The usually smooth Brendon had enthusiastically explored his nose, thrown cushions across the set and lost his temper with Steve.
The Good Morning team couldn’t resist bringing back Peter Powers for a three-hour hypnosis special, live and unedited, before a studio audience. Airing on April Fool’s Day, who will Peter make foolish next?

Peter Powers is the hypnotist with the most powerful finger-snap on television. He’s achieved celebrity status in Australia and New Zealand with his series The Power of One. Dubbed ‘The Evil Hypnotist’ and even ‘The Ali G of Hypnosis’, he’s starred in more than 50 television programmes and hundreds of stage shows. Good Morning is delighted to invite him back for this April Fool’s Day special, and they want viewers to take part. There are daily competitions offering the chance to win coveted seats to the show. Just keep watching Good Morning to win!

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