Inside Story: Ross Kemp On Gangs

Monday 7 April, 9.30pm

Ross Kemp continues his investigation into the world’s most notorious gangs in dangerous and far-flung locations.

In the third series of this landmark BAFTA-winning documentary series, Kemp meets brutal Yardie posses in Jamaica; spends time with violent football hooligans in Poland; uncovers new paramilitary gangs in Colombia; and exposes the criminal groups in East Timor that have brought the country to the verge of collapse.
In the first episode, Kemp heads to Jamaica. The beautiful Caribbean island is best known for its reggae beats and sunny beaches; but it also has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

Most of the violence is due to ruthless gangs, reputedly the most fearsome in the world, that have transformed downtown Kingston into a war zone where even the police and the Jamaican Defence Force fear to tread.

Unlike other gangs that Ross has visited, the Jamaican Yardies were the creation of the country’s two political parties but like Frankenstein’s monster, these gangs have since grown out of the politicians’ control. Ross embarks on an investigation to find out whether these gangs are still connected to their political patrons and what they’re really fighting for.

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