Mitre 10 Dream Home

Monday 7 April, 7.30pm

One of the most emotional competitions ever seen on TV2 reaches its final this Monday night, as the hard-working Blue and Yellow teams find out at last who will be winning their Ultimate Mitre 10 Dream Home.

Every episode of Ultimate Mitre 10 Dream Home so far has seen the judges evaluate a room of the houses, then award the winning couple with a fabulous prize. But now, with the whole house finished, it is out of the judges’ hands as the New Zealand public gets to have their say. So have your phones ready this Monday night and vote for the Blue Team’s David and Nikki, or the Yellow Team’s Misty and Quintien, to win the Dream Home that they have worked so hard to complete.
Each weekend of the competition saw the teams race against the clock to complete a new area of the house, with as many family and friends as they could muster on hand to help out. The result is that both couples have created homes that suit their own individual needs down to the ground.

Nikki and David are the newly engaged parents of 20-month-old Milla and five-year-old Kiah. They have been scrimping to save for their own home for the last two years, but like many young couples they seemed to be getting no closer to their goal. Winning their Dream Home would change their lives, freeing them up to spend more time together with the kids. They are also really excited at the prospect of moving to Hawera from New Plymouth, as Nikki says she’d like her children to have the same small-town upbringing she had.

Misty and Quintien would also see their lives completely transformed if they were to win the competition. The Hawera locals are the young parents of a very large family – with six children aged between two and 12. They make ends meet on just one income, and having a home that would suit their needs and give the kids room to move and play was a far-off dream – until they were selected for Ultimate Mitre 10 Dream Home. Both teams find it difficult to explain the impact winning would have on them, but Misty sums it up by saying; “winning would mean a sense of security for our family – pretty much the same as everyone else who has ever done this.”

Now the finished homes are sitting waiting for the arrival of the families on auction day. Each couple will participate in the auction of their home, after consulting with financial advisors to see how much they can afford to bid, and the nerves will be at an all-time high. Next will come the moment everyone has been waiting so long for. Host Jayne Keily will have the final count of votes, and will announce – live-to-air – which couple will be the winners of their home, and everything in it.

Don’t miss the live grand final of Ultimate Mitre 10 Dream Home, Monday 7 April at 7.30pm on TV2.

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  • k

    i hope the yellow team wins the dream home

  • sarahh

    I ‘think’ the yellow team will win as the filming and whole show has been so one sided. I really really want the blue team to win though I feel they have worked alot harder as a couple with what seemed like a difficult bunch of professionals. I like their home better and the way they have coped with the stress…Good luck to the BLue team for tomorrow!!!! Our fingers and toes will all be crossed at theis house for you !!!

  • Jesse

    GO BLUE!!!!!!!

  • RachelR

    The above comment from Sarahh is pathetic as I know both couples and they have both worked just as hard as the other. Although I back the yellow team 110%, I know that Rachel and Dave have worked thier bums off too. As for the “difficult bunch of proffesionals” comment, I hope you watched Dream Home last night when the yellow teams architech bailed on them. That is what you call difficult proffesionals! I am also unsure what you mean about the filming being “one sided”?? Are you saying that Dream Home are being biased??
    Get a grip Sarahh.


  • get it right

    errrr rachelR if you look at the dates you are winding up over a comment from LAST YEARS show!!! that was very very one sided if you had of watched it!

  • Netopia

    Blue should have won last night, the Yellow room for the wee boy was so bland! It would have worked for a 10 year old but I feel sorry for him in that boring room, at least they won plenty of toys for him. I’ll be voting Blue to make up for their lost points from the judges, they deserve it!