Friday, 18 April at 8.30pm

Human Instinct is the story of how instincts have helped make humans into the uniquely successful species that we are – without us even knowing it. Along the way, presenter Robert Winston has his own instincts tested, telling the story of these urges within every one of us.Can science explain the overwhelming drives within us, like love at first sight,road rage and why we find it so hard to resist another bag of crisps? Our instincts are long out of date – shaped for a lost, primitive world. Which is why each of us can be driven to do extraordinary things, without knowing why. Only now can science begin to explain the power of these hidden forces and why they might have evolved. Science is only just beginning to understand the amazing story of our instincts. The series opens at the Pamplona Run in Spain, where American fire-fighter Andy Minton takes part in an experiment to see how his body responds at moments of acute danger. Real danger struck June Brailsford whose fight or flight reaction kicked in when she was car-jacked and fought off a potentially life threatening attacker – a natural response that has helped humans stay alive for thousands of generations – and Andy Mochan describes the drive to live that led him to jump 150 feet into the sea from the Piper Alpha Oil Platform.

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