Nigella Feasts

Saturday 5 April, 5.30pm

In this new series, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson whips up feasts for herself, friends and family — from big, special occasions to small, everyday pleasures. She also shares an irresistible mix of easy recipes, tips and fuss-free ideas that make entertaining truly effortless.

Lawson believes that this series compares well to her previous stints on television. “I think it’s better. I always feel bad because people think it’s going to be different but I can’t do it different. I just do what I do. I think it’s better than Forever Summer. I did that in a bad stage in my life. I shouldn’t have worked so soon after my first husband died. I was exhausted so I didn’t stamp as much of what I wanted in the programme. I wasn’t enormously happy with that. But with Feasts, it’s been my happiest experience so far. It was fun.”
Over the years, she has come to terms with the focus being on her looks as much as her recipes. “If I were younger I might find it annoying but at my age, you’re grateful for every compliment, however it’s delivered. I was recently asked if I felt the pressure to keep the weight up. I loved that idea. So I developed this very nice conceit that actually I’m very tall, thin and blond, but I have to keep up my particular look of being voluptuous.”

In the first episode, Crowd Pleasers, Nigella Lawson’s got company and she’s sharing her stress-free recipe for a party with fabulous food and lots of fun for the guests and the host. On the menu: shrimp cocktail in baby gem leaves, a bountiful spicy beef chili with a golden crispy cornbread topping served with cool green guacamole and all the sides. Followed by chocolate cherry trifle that’ll knock their socks off.

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