PRIME announces New Zealand's Got Talent!

Get ready for the show of the year – PRIME’s out to prove that New Zealand’s Got Talent!

Those who have always fancied their fifteen minutes of fame will soon get their chance as Prime Television begins the quest to find New Zealand’s most remarkable performers for everyone’s favourite family talent show – New Zealand’s Got Talent.

New Zealand joins a long list of countries which are part of the most popular amateur talent show on the planet. International series have been made in more than sixteen countries, including Australia, Britain, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Greece, Portugal and China. South Pacific Pictures, New Zealand’s largest film and television producer, will produce the series for Prime Television in conjunction with FremantleMedia Australia.

Prime’s Kathy Wright says New Zealand’s Got Talent will change lives as well as entertain the nation.

“America’s Got Talent has been one of our top shows over the past year and we are thrilled to be making a New Zealand version and looking forward to unveiling the best of our local talent to the whole nation,” she said.

“It’s a fantastic format and best of all there are no limits, so we hope to see a real variety of performers from all walks of life during our nationwide audition process. So if you are keen to show us that you have what it takes, my advice is get practising and we look forward to seeing you at the auditions later in the year!”

John Barnett, Chief Executive of South Pacific Pictures said: “We are thrilled to be working with Prime Television and FremantleMedia in Australia to bring this internationally successful format to New Zealand.”

FremantleMedia Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, says the confirmation that Prime Television has commissioned New Zealand’s Got Talent is sensational news.

“Got Talent is a formidable brand worldwide and FremantleMedia Australia is proud to be working with South Pacific Pictures to deliver the New Zealand series. It will be a great success on Prime and we look forward to discovering some of New Zealand’s hidden treasures.”

Auditions for New Zealand’s Got Talent will be filmed in front of a live theatre audience. Wannabe stars will perform in front of a panel of judges, who could take just seconds to knock them out of the show.

Anyone who believes they have talent will be invited to audition in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland later in the year. Information on auditions and how to be a part of the New Zealand’s Got Talent live audience will be released soon.

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  • Rachel

    Note: South Pacific Pictures made NZ Idol.

  • reece_555

    Very interesting…. hope it turns out good for prime espically for a large reality show such as this considering there number of viewers. Hopefully the presenter wont be one of the usuaul bunch or one of sky’s sport presenters.

  • x.x

    Expect TV3 to announce their big talent quest show soon too. X Factor anyone?

  • regan

    It would be interesting if those two went head to head

  • ell

    Host – Clarke Gayford?

  • monreve

    who are gonna be the judges ?

  • Jenna

    I was just waiting for Prime to announce this! Especially after John from the NZ Herald speculating about it and then ofcourse when Prime moved its ratings star GETAWAY to friday nights to free up tuesdays for the show! Well i pressume it will be on tuesdays with the results show on Wednesday seen as Prime doesnt really have anything on those days!!! And im a 100% sure Clark gayford will be the host – why else would they axe all the GETAWAY team but still keep him on at Prime???

  • Adam

    I can’t wait for NZ’s Got Talent – if it’s anything like America’s Got Talent. It’s got to be better than the rubbish that TVNZ puts on (i.e. Dancing with the Stars, Stars in Their Eyes, etc)

  • monreve

    Clarke will be a good host. i reckon they need some really good judges tho. really good prize money whooo hooo

  • A jay

    excuse me but the stuff tvnz puts on like dancing with the stars and stars n their eyes r is not rubbish, if ur in the dancing and singing industry it is very relevant and interesting.

  • Sweet Insanity

    Lol cant wait for this! me and my friend are entering.. but i really dont wanna audition in front of an audience!! that would be horrible! and freaky!
    ehh… who cares im still going for it! lol 😀

  • Wai

    Well… i can’t wait untill i can find out how to enter this programme lol… i will definately be joining. me and my friend… well… if anyone knows how to already can you please email me on

    i would really like to know. thanks.

  • Rachel

    Yup – the link to the form is here:

  • Thian Benton Fieulaine

    i might enter…
    i am 11 and i play guitar (electric)


  • Joshua Faleatua

    i Ented a Talent thingy at Easter Camp and they had rely stink Judgs hahahaha i Hope that dusnt hapn again..Duz any1 rekn Krump/Dance wil get me any were In this AHhahaha

  • I Heart Dayne

    I might try my luck here new zealand … never know i just want to win some money man! you know how much it cost for a pound of butter these days? lol

    should be good entertainment … what about a NZ Big Brother House? based at Rainbows End?

  • Riiny

    Hae coarse dancin nd krumpin can get u somewea?? datz wat im duing hopefuli nxt year in dis comp..

  • katrina

    im 11 to and im gonna sing in Nzs got talent i already sent out the application i cant wait!!!

  • chelsea

    omg, i enterd this. i sing and play guitar and i’m fourteen.i’m so scared about being told i’m not what they want and bein kicked off stage. Wish me luck guys!

  • GuyS iiM SoO NerVoOus Cuz

    iiF ii DoN”t make iiYt

    and ii DiiD reaLLii BAd

    ii’L beii Embarresed OvEr

    ReAliiTy T.V . . and iiM

    OnLy 11 and ii Am DanciiNg…
    and ii DoOn”t KnOo iiyf theii Jugdes r GoOna LiiKe meii.

    anywaY WhOo R theii Jugdes . .

    xx RePlYy . . XX oO . . .. >> PeaCe .

  • SniffNtheTearsAway

    Um lyke wasnt it Prime who rubberstamped anitsemitic Jewsih billboards? thanks for making New Zealanders look bad. You dont know how much power, clout the Jewish Yahudi have in the World.

  • victoria

    ohmygod me and my friend are doing an interpretive dance. we have never danced professionally before but we are trying so hard. if i dont get in im going to kill myself. i used to be really bulimic and if they dont let me in i bet its because im fat.

  • lollie

    hay im audishining in wellington wo ells is audishining there

  • vailnz

    Hey we auditioned in Wellington las week but still havent heard anything – have any of yous heard anything – holla bak aye!

  • Jade

    i auditioned in wellington and i found out on thursday 26th that i’d got through, so u shud’ve found out by now. although, i do no sumone else who hasn’t found out either.
    they shud let u no soon, coz they r sending letters this week too.
    anyway, gud luck. 🙂

  • Liv

    That was fast. What is your act, Jade?

  • AlyNats

    YAy cant wait to audition does any1 kno when the chch auditions are?!?!?!

  • Liv

    The Saturday just gone…auditions are all over LOL

  • vailnz

    Hey congrats Jade on yr success will look out for you – can I ask did they ring you or did they mail? My cellphone out of commission and we werent home on the 26 & 27 so not sure if we still made it through.

  • Hiii Jaz,

    YAHOO !

    I got a call from NZ Got TALENT.


    I AM SELLECTED from the first round of Audition.

    M soooo EXCITED !

    V 4 U

  • enaz

    We got a call to say we were through to the next bit…but haven’t got any letter yet… anyone else got theirs?

  • Raewyn Murray

    My daughter auditioned in Christchurch but didn’t get through. But we are still going to watch the show – good luck to those of you who get in. We’ll have to get someone to tape it for us as we don’t get Prime. April (aged 9 who auditioned sang “Tomorrow” from Annie) was there with one of her sisters for support and the camera crew got them having fun (together in one jacket). The camera lady got them to do it because everyone else was so serious and she said they were having fun. They had to call out “We’ve Got Talent”.


    Raewyn Murray

  • vailnz

    Well …
    I got a reply from NZ got talent… unfortunately I was not accepted to perform and all I can say is that I look forward to seeing what is on offer and wish all those who made it good luck!

    As for me I am creating my own fame and fortune and will soon be showing New Zealand my awesome musical talent as I perform around the region with an awesome group of musicians!!!


  • analiza

    Hi Vailnz,

    How did you know you were not accepted? through call or letter? where did you auditioned? My daughter auditioned here in auckland saturday but until now we have not received anything yet. I am no longer hoping but I wish we will be able to receive a letter or e-mail. Just curious.


  • Jade

    soz vailnz and liv that i didn’t comment bac, i actually 4got that i’d left a comment on this page whoops! lol 🙂

    i do street dance and thank u 2 both of u 🙂

    i’m soooo sorry u didn’t get throu vailnz 🙁 but i ope u enjoy u’re self wen performin around new zealand, thats the main thing 🙂

    wat about liv, did u get throu? i wish u luck 🙂

  • Kath

    Does anyone know how you can find out if you got through. Any contact no. or email address. I was called back after audition but haven’t heard anything either way? I guess no news means you didn’t get through. Does anyone know????

  • Wilhelm Wolfaardt


  • Bernie

    hey i auditioned for nz’s got talent in auckland and i didn’t even make it to the next round where they show it on t’v . i had the lead role as audrey in the school production and i know i can sing. i saw last nights auditions and clearly the judges were way to soft on those singers because they sucked.. well not completely but they didn’t have very good voices. i think that was sair though that they didn’t even give me the chance for a second audition . i wish i had of chosen a better song now that showed off my voice. god damit!!! lol

    visit my bebo page people and leave me a comment

  • Anonymous

    well your mistake Bernie you should of told them you make five posting to give the same message at throngs and you should of got a pass onto the show.

  • anonymous

    I hope everyone realises it’s not the judges that are deciding who goes through…..the produces allready knew from the first auditions who they want in the semi final

  • Ruby Pearce

    Ruthy you are awsome I wish I was you
    because I wish I could dance like you little thing!!!!!!!!!
    love Ruby! xoxoxo

  • spidah

    As expected, this show should be called NZ LACKS talent. I only hope it is flushed down the toilet sooner than NZ Idol was!

  • manea

    Chaz was AMAZING!!!!
    What an AWESOME TALENT being able to do a variety of dances.
    Miriama is right, he moves like silk. Would love to see him in the finals!
    GO CHAZ!!! GO FOR GOLD!!!!!

  • Tiare

    CHAZ CUMMINGS!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT AN AWESOME DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie


  • Max White

    Hey josh! yeah i think youd get far cuz! go for gold, reach for the stars, NEW ZEALANDS GOT TALENT!!

  • Parisbaillie

    I’m 9 and I’m a realy good at singing my Mum says so i want to audition for her 🙂

    • farm lad

      Wow good on you. Good luck.

  • It’s not on Prime. It’s on TVONE.