Real View: Mr Death: The Rise & Fall Of Fred A. Leuchter

Rialto – Thursday 3 April, 8.30pm

Massachusettes engineer Fred E. Leuchter Jr took it upon himself to improve the quality of the electric chairs in various States of the US, prompted by humanitarian motives: to kill, not torture the executees. His dedication and success generated good word of mouth and he was asked to improve other execution equipment, from the gallows to gassing. This was the thing that motivated Ernst Zundel, a rabid neo-Nazi and revisionist, to commission Fred to go to Auschwitz. Inadequately qualified for the task, Leuchter innocently but erroneously concluded that the Auschwitz gassings never occurred. But Leuchter soon found his fame turning to infamy, and the word of mouth got bad. Work was not coming, and one job was even cancelled half way through, leaving him stuck with half of an electrocution setup, and Fred a bewildered man.
Directed by Errol Morris.

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