Tuesday / March 25th / 8.30pm

He’s known as the bandana-clad, blue-eyed lead singer/songwriter from one of today’s legendary rock bands, but Bret Michaels – the hard-rockin’ Poison front man is also looking for love. And as part of C4’s 2008 New Season, a bevy of beauties will vie to win this eligible bachelor’s heart in the new series “Rock of Love…with Bret Michaels”

Whether it’s partying on the tour bus, jetting-off to a sun-kissed beach, or hanging with Michaels’ celebrity friends, this 10-part series follows these lucky ladies on the rollercoaster ride of their lives. They’ll all get a taste of living the rock star life, but in the end, only one lucky lady will win an all access pass to his heart.

Tonight on ‘Rock of Love’ – Only three girls left in the house and now it’s time for their parents to meet Bret. Bret takes all three girls and their families out separately only to find out more dirt on the girls he is courting. The friendship of the two remaining Bad Girls unravels when one discovers the other isn’t the same person she’s been portraying herself to be. Ever since daddy arrived, that same girl has cleaned up her ways and now boasts a more PG version of herself, while painting a bad picture of her so-called friend to her parents. One confronts the other and all hell breaks loose, ending the friendship in front of the parents in what is sure to be one of the most uncomfortable scenes ever. At the end of the episode, Bret must cut one more girl that he has grown close to.

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